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A Complete List of Vegan Restaurants in Montreal (2017)


So many new places have opened up in Montreal, boasting vegan menu items that will make you salivate. Not to mention all the oldies who are still rockin’ those vegan meals like it ain’t nobody’s business!

Here is a COMPLETE list of vegan (and vegan-friendly) restaurants in Montreal. They are ordered by my personal favorites, but please do add your feedback below if you think places should be added or reordered! I will update the list a couple times per year!

30 – Cafe Juicy Lotus

5568 Monkland Ave. | Vegan-friendly. Cafe Juicy Lotus is a cute vegetarian cafe-restaurant located in N.D.G. They offer veggie-loaded homemade menu items with a unique flair. Definitely worth checking out if you’re in the Monkland village.

29 – Falafel Avenue

2020 Boulevard Robert-Bourassa | Vegan-friendly. Falafel Avenue is a small – mostly take-out – restaurant located in the absolute heart of the downtown core. This is an area that doesn’t usually boast fresh and healthy options. Falafel avenue offers delicious freshly made falafels, and for those who don’t like fried, they even make a baked version. I should also mention that their potatoes are dangerously addictive! They aren’t totally vegan but just avoid a couple menu items and you’re pretty much looking at a totally vegan menu.

28 – Invitation V

254 Rue Bernard |  Totally vegan. Invitation V’s aim is to provide local organic vegan food in a more upscale setting. They offer brunch, lunch, and dinner in an elegant space. The menu is elaborate with choices from different international cuisines including south Asian, southern and Mexican. A lovely spot to check out in the Mile End.

27 – Bonny’s

1748 Notre-Dame | Vegan-friendly. Bonny’s is a lovely vegetarian restaurant, located in Griffintown. Bonny’s serves up classic vegetarian staples like burgers, lasagnas, nachos, soups and lots of other goodies. Most of the menu is vegan and most vegetarian meals can be made vegan on request.

26 – Vegan Rapide

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6206 Sherbrooke W. | Totally vegan. Another N.D.G. restaurant where you and grab “rapido” meals like vegan pizzas, burgers, and salads. Although it seems they mostly do delivery and take-out, you can also eat on location.

25 – Arepera du Plateau

4050 Rue de Buillon | Vegan-friendly. Even though this place serves meat, it’s still one of my favorite places for vegan food in Montreal. They have mouth watering Venezuelan arepas made with black beans, avocados, and plantains that will leave you wanting more. They also have some vegan appetizers like the yuca fries and plantains. Hella good!

24 – Lola Rosa

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Multiple locations | Vegan-friendly. Lola Rosa is a great place to go with a group of friends for some vegetarian and vegan fare with a Mexican flair! I always recommend this place for folks who are curious about veg food but are not full-fledged nut-milk making nuts like me, because their meals are crowd-pleasers. I mean how can you not enjoy a big ol’ plate of nachos?

23 – Chu Chai

4088 St. Denis | Vegan-friendly. Chu Chai has been around for the longest time and although they’ve gone through a few transformations, the food is always quite good. They mostly offer a Thai menu with other Asian influences, but their best known for their fake meats that are served up on the regular. Want to try duck without eating a duck, this may be the place to do it.

22 – Yuan

2115 St. Denis | Vegan-friendly. Yuan serves up vegetarian Taiwanese classics and other fabulous Asian bites that are bound to make your mouth water. The extensive menu features a variety of mock meats in addition to noodles, rice, and vegetarian sushi. They also have an all you can eat buffet which is loaded with choices. Not all the items are fully vegan but most of them are so just ask them if you aren’t sure.

21 – Le Poke Bar

2153 Crescent | Vegan-friendly. Le Poke Bar is another establishment that’s not vegan but offers a great vegan option. They make vegan Poke bowls with smoked tofu and all the veg toppings you can dream of! Avocado, ginger, fried onions, carrots, edamame and the list goes one. The best part is that most of their sauces are also totally vegan, making it a great place to enjoy a big bowl of vegan goodness.

20 – Copper Branch

Multiple Locations | Totally vegan. Copper Branch is relatively new to the scene but they are THE Montreal vegan powerhouse. They’ve pretty much taken the city by storm, offering plant-based options in neighborhoods that previously had none. They offer a diverse menu with burgers and bowls being their big players. They also have a good selection of smoothies and homemade desserts. My favorite is and always will be their killer galaxy burger – mmm, mmm, good.

19 – Crudessence

Multiple Locations | Vegan-friendly. Crudessence is one of those places where you can eat your heart out and never feel guilty. The food is just an endless array of delicious options that will make you feel superhuman. Their menu is mostly raw and it’s made with lots of nuts and grains. My favorite items are still the veggie burger and the zucchini lasagna: both raw, both fabulous.


18 – Pho Da Son

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3343 Rue Jarry E | Vegan-friendly. Pho Da Son looks like nothing from the outside but they offer a unique find: vegan pho. Pho is a meal that is really hard to find in vegan form and Vietnamese food, in general, is usually not veg-friendly in this city. That is why when I saw that Pho Da Son was offering veg options, I was thrilled.

17 – Havre aux Glaces

Multiple Locations | Vegan-friendly. This is a small ice cream shop so there is not much to say about them other than the fact that they have the BEST vegan coconut based chocolate ice cream ever! Top that with a fruit sorbet and you’re golden.

16 – Le Kitchen

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1806 William St. | Totally vegan. Just last year Le Kitchen opened up a new shop in the heart of Griffintown. They’ve been on the scene for a while, mostly catering delicious ultra-healthy vegan meals. Now they have a ready to eat menu and a sit-down location where you can pick up a delicious bowl chock full of veggie goodness.


15 – La Panthere Verte

Multiple locations | Totally vegan. La Panthere Verte is a staple vegan establishment in Montreal offering some of the best falafels in town and an array of sandwiches and salads. They also have a great healthy smoothie selection. Definitely, the spot to pick up a healthy and satisfying lunch.

14 – Schlouppe Bistrot NAKAMICHI

2159 Mackay St | Vegan-friendly. This Japanese-run ramen restaurant is totally delightful and although they are not totally vegan, they offer up for 4 vegan ramen bowls. The managers are very interested in making vegan meals and as such, they have tried to experiment with different ingredients to perfect the umami flavor. My personal favorite dish at Nakamichi is the cold ramen bowl with creamy sauce and delicious sundried tomatoes.

13 – Aux Vivres

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4631 Boulevard Saint-Laurent | Totally vegan. Aux Vires is the oldest vegan restaurant in Montreal and most well-known. In the last year or so, they’ve also expanded their kitchen, mass producing vegan food for the whole city to enjoy. You may see their food items at your local grocery store. I really love their BLT which is still my fav after all these years! What makes Aux Vivres so delicious is their homemade chapati wraps that are big stretchy and super yummy.

12 – Café Santropol

3990 St. Urbain | Vegan-friendly. Café Santropol has always been one of my staple places for vegetarian food in the city. It has been around forever and it has one the most glorious terraces. Recently they revisiting their menu adding a bunch of new vegan options that can be ordered with vegan cream cheese. The vegan smoked salmon is to die for! I should also add that the sandwiches are pretty much the size of your head. Nothing excites me more than a BIG sandwich.

11 – Antidote

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3459 Ontario St. E | Totally vegan. Antidote offers an array of vegan foodie items in HOMA a.k.a. Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. They are a pivotal vegan establishment offering takeaway items, brunch, lunch and dinner with a wine list. They have loads of comfort foods that are not healthy by any means but totally delicious!

10 – Lumiere du Mile End

214 Rue Bernard O. | Vegan-friendly. I love this place for their simple homemade nourishing meals. Lumiere du Mile End oozes that local community vibe in the heart of Montreal’s very trendy Mile End. This is a great place to grab brunch, lunch or an early evening dinner.


9 – 57 Cals

1114 Boulevard Curé-Labelle | Totally vegan. 57 Cals is not located in the city proper but I had to mention them because they are one of my absolute favorite places to eat. Not to mention it’s run by the sweetest family! They offer yummy vegan comfort foods like the Philly cheese steak and shawarma with loads of yummy fries. This is worth a drive to Laval any time of day!

8 – Sophie Sucree

167 Ave des Pins E | Totally vegan. Sophie Sucree will always have my heart. It’s the kind of place that will take a non-sweet tooth person like me and give me the desire to gobble down two cupcakes, a brownie and a stack of cookies. They make vegan baking into perfection and even offer savory items like addictive spinach pastries and scones. They also have some other food items kicking around, like sandwiches and soups, making it a perfect lunch spot.

7 – Résonance Café

5175 Av du Parc | Totally vegan. I’ve always found that Résonance Café was a hidden food gem. It’s not only a place to eat but a great place to catch a show or a coffee. They have amazing sandwiches and bowls with lots os Asian flavors. Very aromatic and a great relaxing environment during the day.

6 – Vegano

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432 Rue Rachel E | Totally vegan. Although I have not been there yet, Montreal’s first Vegan Italian restaurant has been well received by the vegan community in Montreal. They feature pasta with many different sauce combinations, creamy risotto, homemade bread, and sweets daily baked good! Best part: it’s bring your own wine!!!

5 – L’Gros Luxe Vege

3807 St. Andre | Vegan-friendly. This is comfort food at it’s finest with a fabulous cocktail spin. This is the best place to grab some fried pickles and wash them down with a big caesar. L’Gros Luxe has many vegan-friendly locations but none as vegan-friendly as L’Gros Luxe Vege which boasts numerous vegan options and an entirely vegetarian menu. This is a good place to bring your very vegan resistant friends who think you’re a rabbit for eating your greens.

4 – Local Jerk

8 Avenue Duluth E | Vegan-friendly. The Local Jerk is not totally vegan but they are high on the list because they have three delicious vegan plates and two appetizers. I really love this place for some spicy delicious Caribbean food that will comfort your soul. Try the jackfruit roti if you like curried foods or go for the Jerk seitan sandwich for something with a little more crunch. It’s a casual spot, great for takeout or lunch.

3 – Cafe Dei Campi

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1360 Rosemont Blvd | Vegan-friendly. Cafe Dei Campi is a relatively new player on the Montreal scene serving up classic Italian baked good in vegan form. This is what a lot of vegans have been waiting for! I mean vegan cannolis? Yes yes yes! They also offer gorgeous salads and other lunch and brunch treats like pizzas and soups. Totally worth checking out!

2 – Sushi Momo

4669 St. Denis | Totally vegan. Sushi Momo has been on the scene since 2014 but I still chose to list in as number 2 because they are as hot as ever! This restaurant is so popular, you can’t even get a seat without an advance reservation – even on a Monday! It’s small, quaint and offers of a burst of flavor with every bite. They also have a couple of great appetizers to choose from and some yummy ice cream based desserts. It’s centrally located, right next to Mount Royal metro, just make sure you call before you go.

1 – Lov

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464 McGill St | Vegan-friendly. There is no doubt that Lov is in the air in Montreal! The arrival of Lov in the gorgeous old Montreal district has made vegans and omnivores alike flock to the scene. They are ahead of the curb when it comes to menu, design, and service. They offer classic hearty dished like mac n’ cheese and poutine as well as smoothie bowls and big salads. Although it’s not totally vegan the menu is about 92% vegan so there are no issues there! I would absolutely recommend trying this place on a night out in the city or a morning brunch.

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