melodiel-esiege_mtlvegMTLVEG is an exploration of all things plant-based & Montreal — I share my recipes, my thoughts and a lil’ piece of my heart.

I’m Melodie, I’m both the founder and primary force behind MTL VEG. I’ve been a Montrealer my whole life and a vegetarian for half which makes fairly savvy on both topics.  I love to create and to dream — mostly about food — which lead me to start this blog is 2013. Initially MTLVEG was a response to the very meat-centric culinary scene in Montreal, but since then things have changed, and so have I. Within three short years, I’ve greatly expanded my abilities in the kitchen, and become increasingly inspired by the new plethora of new vegan establishments in my city.  It’s a very exciting time to be a veg blogger and I am excited to share all my discoveries and recipes with you. Don’t be shy to reach out, I love discovering new people and places to try. Bon Appétit!

You don’t have to be a strict vegan or a health freak to enjoy this blog 
you simply have to love wholesome food.

*Pour les Montréalais francophones: Désolé que mon blog est seulement en anglais mais j’espère que vous pouvez en profiter de toute façon.

Why veg? 

I don’t think eating meat is wrong, I just think we are too far removed from the mass production of living beings. 

Becoming a vegetarian was a choice I made as a teenager after watching one too many docs on animal cruelty and factory farming.  Fifteen years later, I have a countless reasons for being a vegetarian, many of which have nothing to do with animal cruelty. One great perk is that my diet restriction has made me more passionate and exploratory about food. I eat lots of veggies because they’re great and I feel good about reducing my carbon footprint.

Besides the social, ethical and environmental aspects, I also get to stay in shape and feel great. Considering the gargantuan size of my appetite, I find that being a vegetarian helps me maintain a healthy weight. Typically, a well-rounded plant based diet will be lower in cholesterol, saturated fat which may reduce risk of heart disease. Eating a lot of vegetables also makes for a diet which is richer in vitamins and fibre which can help with energy levels and weight-loss.

A note to my carnivorous friends:

I don’t hate, or even dislike you, although many people think I would. I am a big believer in mutual respect and I know that there are ways to eat meat while being healthy and socially conscious. My partner, family, and most friends are meat eaters and I have sat at countless steakhouses with just a baked potato. Part of my inspiration for making this blog was so that veggies & meat-lovers can dine together in harmony. I don’t typically wear my politics on my sleeve, but I would love to see more people adopting flexitarian diet. If you are open-minded, why not start with a #MeatlessMonday challenge? It’s not as hard as you might think!