2016: Year of Veg



Why go vegan or vegetarian in 2016? It’s awesome, duh!

I’m kidding but in all seriousness “veg” life — especially in Montreal — has never been easier. Vegan joints are popping up all over the place boasting a variety of dishes to tickle many fancies. Aux Vivres has expanded offering their catered goods all over the island and Sushi Momo, easily the best new sushi place in town has officially announced it’s going vegan. Don’t worry, the vegan craze doesn’t mean you have to jump on the band wagon for the long haul. Instead, try it for a meal, a month or how ever long you want. When it comes to food, there are no rules other than the ones that you choose to follow.  Think about it like this: Veg meals in your day, keeps the doctor at bay and the planet says hooray! It’s win-win-win.

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What’s in store for MTL VEG for 2016?

You may have noticed that I have not written in some time (seven months to be precise). 2015 has been both an exciting and challenging year which has kept me rather busy. I started the year off on a beach in Costa Rica before going back to work and creating LIP SYNC MTL, a group that organizes charity fundraising events. Side note: check it out at lipsyncmtl.com, it’s loads of fun and our next event is coming this Saturday, Jan 16. After my first event in May, I had big plans for MTL VEG but caring for a relative with cancer and later running off to an organic farm in Corsica took precedence. Both were opportunities for growth, one literally and one metaphorically. It was nothing short of a wonderful year for which I am very thankful. That being said, don’t take my inactivity to be the end of MTL VEG. No siree! On the agenda for 2016 is a great list awesome content to come your way. This year, I’m opting to focus more on local establishments over recipes. I want to talk about places in the city that rock my socks off since there are so many that I’ve discovered since starting #SundayEatUp. Incase you are curious #SundayEatUp is a food group that gets together to try new restaurants around Montreal. Our selection is always veg-friendly and the group welcomes all. For more info, leave a comment and I’ll invite you to the group.

Sponsors for MTL VEG:

I will be seeking sponsors for MTL VEG so if you are interested, please get in touch. To my readers: I promise I will not throw my integrity out the window since I plan to only talk about people, products and places that I already truly love. MTL VEG is after all a lil’ piece of my heart and I don’t expect potential sponsors to change that in anyway.

Vegan challenge: yes we can!

As many of you know, I am not a vegan. I like to say that I’m a vegetarian with an on and off relationship with veganism.  This year I am starting the year off with a one month vegan challenge which means no dairy or eggs for 30 days. I usually do this a couple times a year but this time I’ve added no alcohol to the list – yikes. It won’t be easy but it is a healthy kickstart for 2016. Plus is forces me to think of new meals and be more creative in the kitchen. If ever you want to join in a challenge, let me know via mtlveg (at) gmail.com. I may start organizing a few group challenges this year which could be mighty fun.

That’s all for now, just a quick update.

Happy return to the work after the holidays.



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