Hi, my name is Melodie, and I am the primary force behind MTLVEG. This blog is where I share my favourite veg-friendly restaurants, recipes and a mishmash of this and that.

I love to create and to dream about food which led me to start this blog is 2013. At first, MTLVEG was a response to the very meat-centric culinary scene in Montreal. Things have since changed, and so have I. I’ve greatly expanded my abilities in the kitchen, become enthralled by the growing vegan scene in Montreal and delved into zero waste living. I am excited to share all my discoveries and secret recipes with you.

Bon Appétit!

You don’t have to be a strict vegan to enjoy this blog 
you just need an open mind and a love for food.

*Pour les Montréalais francophones: Désolé que mon blog est seulement en anglais mais j’espère que vous pouvez en profiter de toute façon.

Why veg? 

After watching one too many docs on factory farming, I went vegetarian at age 14. I never thought it would stick, but I’ve officially lived longer as a vegetarian than not.  I stopped eating meat because of animal cruelty, but now I have so many reasons to continue. Health, environment, animal welfare to name a few.  One of the unexpected perks is that my diet restriction has made me incredibly curious about food and how we can rethink the standard western diet.

Are you vegan? 

I’m not vegan, and I won’t likely take the plunge. It’s partly because the stricter limit would make discovery of new cuisines very challenging. That said, I try to avoid most dairy, and I only eat free range organic eggs. I’d say about 8 out of 10 of my meals are vegan.

About two years ago, I opted to make all my blog recipes vegan, or easily vegan adaptable. I also chose to focus on vegan-friendly establishments over vegetarian-friendly. I want to remain approachable to people who aren’t vegetarians while also being accessible to strict vegans too. I hope you can enjoy my little offering. Please comment, share and spread the joy of plant-based life in Montreal.