Chompin’ into summer – #MTLVEG style.

Hello darlings,

It has certainly been a while, I’ve missed you. For the Montrealers out there, you know what happens when summer rolls around, don’t you? You suddenly go from hating your life to living every moment of it. Between festivals, swimming pools and weekend getaways, I haven’t had much time to catch up with blogging. Not to fear, we’re still here! Sitting on my porch as I write you a quick saturday update (hence the photo). MTL VEG’s wheels are in motion as we start to slowly grow our team. Two more veg-heads have jumped on board and content from other bloggers will soon start be featured on here. So if you happen to like my blog and want to contribute, then let’s make it happen. After all, sharing is caring.

I want to give a special shout out to Carole Lisa – The Voice of Vegan. She has been doing an amazing job with MTL VEG’s instagram by snapping great shots of delightful dishes, many of which will be added to our repertoire of recipes.



Last but not least, I’ve decided to kick off the heat of the summer with an MTL VEG challenge. I am going to find THE BEST VEGGIE SANDWICH that our lovely city has to offer. This idea came to me in response to the multiple Montreal blogs that compiled best sandwich lists last summer.  I also just love me a good sammie.

Tell me your all time fav veggie sandwiches via facebook, twitter or the comment box below, I’ll separate them into only two categories: vegan & vegetarian.

Whether they are obscure (random falafel place in Montreal Nord) or popular (Aux Vivre’s BLT), I’ll try them all and keep you posted via twitter, facebook and instagram.

So give us a follow already and HAPPY SUMMER EVERYONE.



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