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Last night I went back to Bombay Mahal for the hundredth time. What can I really say about Bombay Mahal that hasn’t been said before? It’s a VERY popular place. In my humble opinion Bombay Mahal is one of the best Indian restaurants in Montreal. I bring everyone I know here and they always leave satisfied. I’ve never seen anyone leave saying “it was only okay.” Just a warning, you may need to go home on a stretcher due to the ridiculous amount of food you’ll consume.

Bombay Mahal is totally affordable offering thalis (mixed plates) for less then 10$. If you don’t want to leave there in a food coma then try a thali. My friends and I usually share a bunch of dishes and split the bill. At most it comes to $15-$25 per person but you get to try many things and leave feeling stuffed.

Oh, did I mention it’s BYOB too? So you save tons of money by selecting your bottle(s) at SAQ (or the dep) beforehand.



There are at least 10 – 15 veggie choices.


This place is totally vegan friendly. They cook their dishes with vegetable oil as opposed to butter or ghee. That means any veggie dish without cheese is totally vegan. There are plenty of choices and appetizers that are vegan and super delicious.


Even if I don’t eat meat, I can talk about it. My family really loves their chicken curry dishes but they are also known for their lamb. My carnivorous friends tend to always enjoy the lamb for it’s tenderness. They also have a good selection of seafood. On the other hand, you’d be surprised by how many of my friends actually choose a vegetarian dish as their favourite at the end of the meal. So if you can live without meat, try going veg for this dinner, you won’t be disappointed.

By now I guess you can gather that I am rather impartial when it comes to this place. Instead of trying to “review” it from an objective stand point, I’ll just walk you through all my favourite dishes. These favs were selected through a lot of trial and error and tend to be popular with everyone I’ve taken there so it’s a good starting point if you are not too familiar with Indian food.

 Onion Baji

Onion Baji – Onions fried with chickpeas flour & garnished with spices.

A great little entree, they are crunchy and savoury. If the green sauce is too spicy for you, ask for the tamarind sauce – it’s sweeter.


Pakoras are pretty great, you can order them with or without paneer(cheese). The cheese pakoras are a little more on the spicy side with a green spicy paste in the middle. The regular pakoras are very similar to the onion baji in size and texture but they integrate more veggie bits into them.

Baingan Bharta

Baingan Bharta – Smoked eggplant sautéed with onions and various spices, garnished with coriander.

This is my absolute favourite dish and the reason why I always come back to Bombay Mahal. It has a smokey roasted flavour that really can’t be beat. Very aromatic and very satisfying.

Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer – Spinach cooked with cheese, garnished with fresh tomatoes & spices.

Palak Paneer is my go to dish at any restaurant. I’m addicted to spinach so I love it in just about anything. Bombay Mahal’s palak paneer is velvety and smooth with generous amounts of cheese.

Malai Kofta

Malai Kofta – Cheese ball cooked in a creamy sauce garnished with spices & herbs.

Okay, this is the crowd pleaser. Cheese balls in creamy sauce, can you really go wrong? I will however say that the sauce is a little on the sweet side which is fine with me but for people who like authenticity, they may argue that this sauce should not be sweet. In fact this is the same sauce that they use for the butter chicken which is a very popular dish for the westerners. My cousin is a real stickler for authentic Indian food , she says that butter chicken in Canada is nothing like the real thing. According to her, it should not be sweet.  Regardless, if you like a little sweetness in your life, the dish is DELISH.


Nan & Garlic Nan

Who doesn’t love nan?

The only bad thing that I can say about Bombay Mahal is that it is not winning any prizes for ambience. The place is run down and noisy. It’s always packed at the dinner rush but you don’t normally have to wait more then 10-15 mins for a table. If you are more than
4, try making a reservation to be safe.  It’s not exactly a classy joint but if you’re only concern is the food, you’ll forget about that very quickly.

That’s all for now, happy dining!

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