Hockey Playoffs – Veggie Style

As a proud Montrealer, I am ecstatic about the Habs annihilating Tampa in the play-offs. I mean hell yah! Okay, I’ll be honest-I’m not the biggest hockey fanatic, but I’ve always loved the buzz around the city during the playoff season. It’s a pure energy that transcends race, gender or linguistic differences. Hockey truly is one of those special customs that unites all Montrealers to appreciate something bigger, despite our differences. It really is a beautiful thing. So, this year I’ll be jumping on the bandwagon and watching the games in anticipation, at a bar or in a living room with a cold brew and a good pal. And who says I can’t do hockey my way? Veggie-style! I’m compiling a list of my favourite vegetarian and vegan snack foods that would make a great addition to any game night.

1. Seven layered dip – 

Vegetarian or Vegan 

This dip is classically made with sour cream and cheese but can be made vegan-style as well. It features refried beans which are pretty much my raison d’etre, along with a rich guacamole and pico de gallo. Yummy! It’s relatively easy to prepare and I promise your hockey amigos will love it.

2. Garlic Kale chips

This is a MTLVEG original recipe, although kale chips are far from a new idea. These delicious thin crunchy chips make a great snack for just about any event. I am border line addicted to them. The only issue is you’ll need a lot of kale to feed your crew.

3. Roasted spicy chickpeas

How do you pack crunchy, spicy and delicious into one wholesome healthy snack? Make roasted chickpeas! Yes, these are a great finger food that’s a lot healthier than potato chips. Consider serving these goodies for the next game.

4. Hummus 

Okay, hummus is pretty much the veggie equivalent to all snack foods but for a good reason. Veggies and hummus are the go-to vegan choice for just about any event, and it’s easy to see why – it’s a cheap snack and goes with virtually everything. I’ve opted to include a unique, miso & white bean hummus recipe from Keeping it Kind as an alternative to the typical chickpea hummus. Then again, any variation works. 

5. Chard & Cheese on toast

Another MTLVEG original, this is such an easy snack to prepare. Sautee a little bit of onions and Swiss chard, place it on a multi-grain toast and melt some cheddar cheese on top. You could definitely do this vegan style with a dash Daiya or even explore some local vegan cheese alternatives such as Brydsheese. It’s a simple snack but definitely a crowd pleaser.

6. Buffalo tempeh wing dip

Now this recipe from More Vegan Blog is one that I wish I had invented myself. It’s a pure gluttonous treat that really harnesses the power of “good fats” to create a creamy wing sauce that is not only vegan but scrumptious…Not to mention the tempeh is a rich protein source that will leave your gut feeling full just as if you were eating real chicken wings. 

There are endless snack possibilities when hosting a game night as long as you keep in mind one simple rule: Beer should accompany everything! Or at least a white wine spritzer.  GO HABS GO!!!



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