Natural Wines at Les Turbulents

One thing that I adore but almost never talk about on my blog is wine. In fact my first blog idea was called MTL wine on a dime. Since wine is so expensive in this province, I was looking for the best bang for your buck options. Last Sunday I found it at the second instalment of Les Turbulents: Le Salon des Vigneron Naturel. Pretty bang4buck worthy – $17 entry and you can try over 40 different natural wines from about 16 vineyards.


It was my first time at Les Turbulent and I must say it was a pleasant Sunday afternoon. The SAT(Societe des arts Technologiques) is a lovely venue and the crowd was well dressed and looking good. It’s probably not a bad place to meet someone under the right circumstances. The reps from each vineyard were approachable but it was so busy that we didn’t really get to talk much with them. I sampled almost all the wines with the little break in between to grab food and drink enough water to ensure that we’d make it out of there alive. I can’t quite bring myself to spit not swallow when the wines taste so delicious so I usually get a little toasty. It is pretty important to go on a full stomach and drink lots of water in between.


The samples at Les Turlulent were much smaller than at other tastings so you really need to get a feel for the wine in one sip. The small serving didn’t bother me since I wanted to try a little of everything but I find it is hard to really evaluate whether I like a wine or not without tasting it a few times. Next year I’ll aim to get there early when it’s quiet so I’d have time to talk to the winemakers and learn about the production process of the natural wines.


My favourite part of the event was discovering some of the wines that Quebec has to offer – I am after all a huge fan of eating and drinking local.

Either way, a great way to spend the day. Glad I checked it out!


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