Promo: New Vegan Ramen at Restaurant Nakamichi

Schlouppe Bistrot Nakamichi has added two new vegan ramen dishes and a vegan dessert to their menu! To celebrate these additions, they are offering 30% from April 3 – 10, 2017!

20170329Nakamichi Vegan Ramen Montreal Low_Res006

Nakamichi’s aim is to attract new customers with vegan menu items that are prepared in the traditional Japanese way.  Vege-michi, the restaurant’s new concept translates to the veggie “way” which includes dishes built around the idea extracting  “umami” flavour from vegetable based dashi stocks.

The new menu is available starting now for delivery and take-out as well.

20170329Nakamichi Vegan Ramen Montreal Low_Res004

Their fully vegan  menu includes:

  • Tan-tan ramen “LaLaLa” with pan-fried tofu, bok choy, seaweed, and Ra-yu oil and veggie soy milk stock.
  • VEGEMICHI Taiwanese Maze-Soba “Piriri” with pan-fried tofu, bok choy, spicy pepper and Ra-yu oil.
  • Ice cream made with chocolate, bananas and walnuts.

20170329Nakamichi Vegan Ramen Montreal Low_Res007

This is in addition to their current vegan options:

  • Vegan ramen “KIWAMI”
  • Vegan Maze-Soba “GURURI”

I wrote a post about these dishes last fall, check it out here.

20170329Nakamichi Vegan Ramen Montreal Low_Res008
A Chef at Nakamichi showing off the new vegan bowl.

Nakamichi’s attempt to accommodate more vegans is definitely appreciated. Although the manager and staff were not accustomed to veggie based stocks in Japan, they said coming to Canada inspired them to experiment. They soon realized that plant-based soups could be really delicious when using the right ingredients.

20170329Nakamichi Vegan Ramen Montreal Low_Res009
The Nakamichi Manager excited for the new menu launch
20170329Nakamichi Vegan Ramen Montreal Low_Res011
Another satisfied customer.


Schlouppe Bistrot Nakamichi is located at 2159 Mackay St., check out their Facebook page for more details.

Bon Appétit!

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