Vegan Cuts Snack Box Review

What is the Vegan Cuts Snack Box?

Bear in mind, I’m not a big snacker so when Vegan Cuts offered to send me a box of snack foods, I was a bit skeptical. I  wondered if there would be treats that I’d truly enjoy but I was eager to get the goods.

Vegan cuts snack box
My Snack Box contents

Once I received the package, I unpacked it in excitement.

It contained the following:


I’ve been munching on the goodies over the past couple weeks. Much to my surprise, I did enjoy almost all the products, some more than others.

My Favs:

The Ocho Candy – Seriously so delicious, I devoured it in one bite!

The Vigilant Eats oat based cereal – A little on the sweet side but a great breakfast fix for a busy day.

The Explore Asian noodle soup – A great quick lunch for those busy weeks.

The Earnest Eats granola bar – One of the tastiest granola bars I’ve had.

I’ll have to admit, even though I am not a snacker, it was nice to have quick and easy food in the house. I happened to receive the box during a very busy month and was thankful to have options to grab on my way out the door. Vegans don’t often have a lot of healthy “on the go” choices, so I was digging that aspect the most. I’m not a full fledged vegan but if I were, I would definitely look forward to some quick and easy solutions to lighten the burden of cooking.

I think for $20 a month, it’s a reasonable expense and totally worth trying. You’re paying way less than retail for any of those products, and you get to try different things. I do feel though, if you are a little picky about salty-sweet, you may not love all the items. For example, I didn’t touch the root beer, I just don’t have much of the sweet tooth for that stuff. If you are on the picky side, I would share the box with a friend, lover, roommate etc.

I should also mention that for Canadians, it is actually $28 a month with shipping. Why do we Canadians always have to pay more, eh? Never the less, still worth trying at least once.

More than anything, I think the Vegan Cuts snack box makes an EXCELLENT gift for a vegan friend. You can send it directly to them and it’s an awesome thoughtful alternative to the average flowers/candies type gifts. The neat part is that they can order the items individually afterwards, depending on what they liked.

Thanks again to Vegan Cuts for sending me the goodies! Next up, I’ll have to try the vegan beauty box.

To find out more about Vegan Cuts snack box, check it out here.


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