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Montreal’s Best Vegan Sushi

MeatlessMontreal recommendation: I can say with full confidence that Sushi Momo is the best vegan restaurant in Montreal. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of amazing plant-based food in this city, but Sushi Momo is always my first recommendation.

Why are they so fabulous? Their food is fresh, innovative, beautiful and insanely flavourful. It will make your mouth water and your belly expand to a somewhat troubling size. You don’t need to be vegan to enjoy Sushi Momo. It’s a guaranteed all around crowd pleaser for all tastes.

Kakiage yasai vegetables tempura, tentsuyu sauce
Kakiage yasai vegetables tempura, tentsuyu sauce

Sushi Momo offers a bunch of appetizers which include miso soup, salads, gyoza (dumplings), tempura, tofu, plant-based tartare and sushi pizzas. Everything is delicious. I usually go with the Kakiage yasai which are thinly cut tempura vegetables served with a tentsuyu sauce.

Gyoza (6), dumplings served with sake and ginger-infused sauce.
Gyoza (6), dumplings served with sake and ginger-infused sauce.

While I do love their appetizers, I don’t usually get too many. I just order what comes with the table d’hôte and keep lots of room for the sushi. The sushi is where they really shine. Sushi Momo’s flavour combinations are like explosions in your mouth. They have mastered the blending of sweet, spicy, and umami flavour on rolls loaded with both familiar and exotic ingredients.

Table d'hôte includes a selection of sushis, appetizers and dessert
Table d’hôte includes a selection of sushis, appetizers and dessert

Jackfruit, huitlacoche (corn smut), hibiscus, rose water are just a few of the unconventional plant-based ingredients that you can try while ordering at their restaurant. The chef Christian Manuel Ventura Alatorre opened Sushi Momo in 2014. The tiny restaurant initially offered both vegan and fish sushi, but the vegan options were so popular that they decided to go entirely plant-based.

In four years they’ve moved twice consistently getting bigger. Now you’ll find them on the plateau across the street from Square Saint-Louis (Sherbrooke metro). The restaurant is so popular that you need to make your reservation a day or two in advance. They’ve also just opened a takeout counter called Komomo.



Sushi Momo Végétalien

3609 Rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, QC H2X 3L6

What to know before you go:

  • Make reservations; it’s often full
  • Dress code: casual to dressy
  • Price: $25-40 per person
  • What to order: table d’hôte – treat yo self and try a little of everything.


As part of #MeatlessMontreal, I’m recommending my personal favourite Montreal restaurants that offer great meatless options. My goal is to highlight establishments that don’t ignore the plight of the plant-based eater but actually embrace the dietary restriction with creative cuisine. They are usually vegan friendly but the establishments sometimes also serve meat.  The recommendations are based on my own opinion and it’s not a “review” blog. If I don’t like a place, I just won’t bring it up. I’m not here to bash local business, just bolster places I already love. If you know a place I should try, comment below.



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